Core Functional Fitness | Personal Training
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Personal Training

Extra push to accomplish your goals


Meet with a trainer in person to determine if there is a good fit prior to any commitment.


Depending on your goals, fitness level, and lifestyle, we will design a custom-fit plan with the proper tools for making the most informed and healthy decision in your workouts and other areas of your life.


As a boutique fitness studio, you are not just a number among thousands of other members. If you don’t show up for your appointment, we will be contacting you to find out why and will not accept excuses! You will be held accountable but also given lots of support for sticking to your program.


Many of the core principles of our group classes will be used in your personal training session to inspire you to get results. You will increase your aerobic and anaerobic endurance while burning fat and building more strength than ever before. Our fitness studio is equipped with the latest top-of-the-line fitness tools, keeping with our mission to stay on the cutting-edge with most updated and innovative trends in the fitness industry.

What We Offer

One-to-one sessions (client – PT)

Two-to-one Sessions (2 clients – PT)

Private Small Group sessions (2,3,4 clients – PT)

Training with a partner/friend or in a small Group setting will reduce the cost but still have direct Coaching.

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Our Nutrition plans are made to your needs and lifestyle. One size does not fit all and every client requires different nutrient breakdown to achieve their goal.


Our meal plans help you maintain a healthy body and at the same time reach your goal, whether fat loss or muscle building. There is no such quick fix meal plans. We believe in a nutrition plan that helps the client acquire knowledge so that it can be sustainable for a long term.

We offer:

– meal plans made to measure.

– client support by phone or messaging services.

– supplement recommendation.

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