Core Functional Fitness | Services
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Core Fitness Studio payment scheme

Fees per session
Group session – 8 Euros (not more than 8-10 people for every group session)
Personal Training – 12 euro s per session ( 1 to 1 session, only you and your trainer)
Duo personal training– 10 Euros per session ( bring a friend or relative to train with you, it’s a more affordable way for personal training)
Mobile personal training– 15 Euros per session (The personal trainer comes at your own home or premises to train you, just choose the time and place you want)
Group Personal training– Want to reserve a session only for you and your friends or relatives, more than 2 people? Just send a request and book a session. Prices depends on how many will be joining in.

  • Personal Training Packages

  • 5 sessions 1 to 1: €55
    10 sessions 1 to 1: €110
    24 sessions 1 to 1: €265
    36 sessions 1 to 1: €400
  • Duo Personal training packages

  • 5 sessions 1 to 2: €45 each
    10 sessions 1 to 2: €90 each
    24 sessions 1 to 2: €210 each
    36 sessions 1 to 2: €320 each

    Discount Session packages on group personal training and mobile personal training are available on request

  • Group Sessions packages

  • 5 sessions: €35
    10 sessions: €70
    20 sessions: €140
    30 sessions: €220
  • Group sessions memberships

  • 1 month unlimited sessions: €75
    3 months unlimited sessions: €210
    6 months unlimited sessions: €420
    12 months unlimited sessions: €820

Services in detail

One to One personal training – Whether your goal is weight loss, general fitness, fat loss, increased energy levels, I will devise a training program to reach your goals, with each session being different, interesting and keep you motivated along the way. You will give me ur goals in the first session and i will set you targets to reach after a set of sessions.


Duo Personal Training – Team up with a friend, partner or family member. This option is also a cost effective way of utilizing personal training. Duo Personal training is a great way to get results with some added fun and the element of competition. Get the results you want while sharing the journey along the way. Even if you are both different level of fitness i will give you all the attention you need.


Group Sessions -Limit of 7-8 people per Session to keep the workout still private and comfortable for all clients. Sessions vary from beginners going up to a more advanced. Many types of Sessions available from intensive kettlebell sessions, to diverse types of circuit training, strenght training, boxing circuit workouts, High intensity interval training held outside or in the studio, body conditioning, mobility and flexibility sessions and much more….Group training is a great way to reach your goals, also making it fun and affordable. Every session is diverse and all monitored constantly by a qualified personal trainer.


Weight transformation – Personalised programs for people who need to loose a large amount of weight, i will follow you step by step in the privacy of the studio and help you become not only more fit and loose the weight but more confident about urself.


All the clients will have their bodyfat recorded regularly on the first session and every 2-3 weeks, BMI analysis, blood pressure and pulse monitoring, body fat %. Everything will be given consideration and i will send you graph patterns on all your progress.